About Orghort 2020

Catania (Italy), December 14th-17th 2021

The mission of the ISHS III International Organic Fruit Symposium and I Organic Vegetable Symposium (OrgHort 2020), organized by the Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente (Di3A) of the University of Catania, is to acquire and to share currently available knowledge on organic horticulture.

The OrgHort 2020 Symposium will define a short, medium and long term vision for improving organic farming agroecology and organic food chains, and will establish an active international network involving all the stakeholders interested on a very actual topic.

The new challenges to face climate changes place the man in a high responsibility position.
The goals for the immediate future should be the assessment of horticulture activities for the preservation of the environment and to reinforce its resilience by improving the efficiency and the sustainability of organic farming.

The intense use of soil for growing horticultural crops,
the lack of rotation and crops diversity, the poor reintegration of organic matter into the soil represent some of agroecological struggling threats to be overcome for the improvement of environmental, economic and cultural value of agriculture.
Multidisciplinary knowledge need to be expanded to identify and to implement growing methods and techniques for improving organic farming and horticultural food chains.

The topics of the ISHS III International Organic Fruit Symposium and I Organic Vegetable Symposium will regard:
organic farming, growing methods and techniques;
agroecology and horticultural biodiversity; breeding and propagation for organic;
environmental and physiological stress;
molecular tools and physiological methods for screening;
biotic stress and control of the major pests and disease;
products quality;
health and nutrition including studies on volatiles, flavour, and nutraceutical compounds;
structural and functional genomics;
genetics and cytogenetic studies.